Residents that are on hospice, or have dementia and/or Alzheimers, have ambulatory restriction and help themselves by using a walking frame or someone who is non-ambulatory and they use a wheelchair, suffer for incontinence, or they rely on an Oxygen machine, cardiopulmonary disease, or feeding tube, diabetes (subcutaneous insulin injection and monitoring), suffered a stroke, or they need a special diet, and Multiple Sclerosis. Please contact us for more details regarding our service variety.  

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Support and Activities:

Residents can benefit from home doctor visits, home foot care, home-cooked meals made from scratch and diets for individual needs, assistance with personal care and hygiene, medication management, regular health monitoring, housekeeping and laundry services, private and semiprivate rooms, high-speed internet for family or doctor video-calls, laboratory on-site visits, home health visits, and a clean and quiet home-like environment. Residents can enjoy live piano and guitar music, activities for residents that suffer from dementia, sing-a-long, birthday and holiday celebrations, outdoor and table games, exercise programs, or classical movies.

We provide an affordable alternative for individuals requiring a high level of care and assistance with daily living activities. Our services combined with activities create a structure for residents to improve or maintaining their mobility and cognitive ability.

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